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✨ Our GLAMOURS 15 Day MODEL CHEEKS Bootcamp is designed to AWAKEN, SCULPT, and LIFT the cheeks and mouth area to create more defined cheeks ✨

This bootcamp was specially designed to create more defined cheeks and smooth away wrinkles around the mouth area! 

The 15 Day Model Cheeks Bootcamp has 3 routines each routine is broken up into 5 days:


Days 1 - 5: This routine helps wake the sleepy muscles on your cheeks and mouth area so that they will be easier to train. You wouldn’t workout without a warm up, right? When the muscles are awake you are able to use them with more awareness


Days 6 - 10: This routine sculpts the cheeks and the mouth area to give more defined shape. This will help smooth and prevent wrinkles in the cheeks and mouth area.


Days 11 - 15: This routine lifts the awaken and sculpted muscles of the cheeks and mouth area to give you beautiful model cheeks. 

You will learn 3 different routines, 3 massages, and some tips to get the maximum benefits from this Bootcamp.

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We look forward to seeing you in the bootcamp! 

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Please note:
If you - by slight chance - won't be satisfied with this program…
We decided to also grant you a 7-day money-back guarantee, so you are absolutely safe and will not be misled in anyway.
Our true vision is just to help the women around the World, to gain a strong self-confidence and glow from inside out. 
So - if you figure out this program is not made for you within the first 7 days, just let us know the reason and we will make sure you get your money back.
Results may vary depending on regular practice. This is not a cure for any disease and/or medical condition.