💖 Boosting Beauty & Immunity 💖


✨ Facial Exercises & Relaxation Techniques ✨

This Bootcamp is ONLY $17.00!

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During these times of extreme change and uncertainty, it is important to take time for ourselves to make sure that we are staying healthy and relaxed.  


Our 20 Day Beauty & Immunity Boot Camp consists of 5 cycles targeting specific areas of the face.

  • Each cycle is broken down into 4 days that will target a specific area on the face working from the forehead down to the neck.
  • These facial exercises and massages will lift, tone, and smooth your face giving you a younger and brighter complexion.
  • The massages and acupressure are based on Ancient Chinese Medicine and will help promote immunity and health.
  • Also, breathing techniques that improve the immune system and energize your mind, body, and soul


We look forward to seeing you in the bootcamp! 

Together we can thrive in our NEW WORLD.

Health, Love, & Beauty

Helena & Jacquelyn 💖

Please note:
All sales are final. Results may vary depending on regular practice. This is not a cure for any disease and/or medical condition.